Today I Rode The Bus

Today I rode the bus to work. Its not something I do often. Don’t get me wrong, busses are great, they’re just not for me.

Beautiful day outside. There was about eight of us waiting and staring at the bus, its doors wide open, the driver in his seat. I wanted to be that guy who’s first by walking past everyone waiting because they’re too dumb to be first. Some guy beat me to it and he was sternly told “No, not yet.” by the driver. Stupid first guy. I finally saw why he was stopped though. The bus driver was talking to a lady. It seemed like a lovely exchange, very calm and cordial. They finished speaking and for the next five minutes we waited and watched this lady unload 8 trash-bag loads worth of….stuff off the bus. The girl waiting in front of me sighed so loudly, my headphone-plugged ears heard her body language. She finally finished and the driver pulled the bus up to where we waited. He went back to inspect the interior and came out the front after a few minutes.

“Is this your dog food you left all over my bus??”

I have no idea what she said back. Was something like, “No! Ayck I a’int goin’ to…how you not know where you be going?”. Replace the ellipsis with about ten seconds of garble.

The driver hurriedly let us all onto the bus. “C’mon, we just need to get out of here.”

Tomorrow, I’m going to ride my bike again.


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