Trayvon Martin: Let’s Talk Guns

I finally sat down and took the time to get acquainted with the Trayvon Martin case. I don’t mind being late to the conversation because the discussion I want to have is one that doesn’t seem to be standing out. There are marches and sweatshirt hoods draped over the heads of many as the country unifies to show its desire for justice. It seems the focus is uncovering what occurred that night, in hopes of learning the truth of Trayvon’s death.

But uncovering that truth is unimportant. Trayvon was killed by a gun. It was not in the hand of a militia or military, protecting itself from an invading force. George Zimmerman had every constitutional right to purchase, arm, and use a weapon for whatever purpose he desired. Had the gun been removed from the situation, Trayvon would either still be alive, or if dead, we’d know whether it was from self-defense or a beating. Even if we introduce a knife, the wielder has enough dexterity to discern inflicting a stab to disarm and defend, or a stab to kill.

So, let’s talk guns.


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